Oral Care Tips

It is very important to maintain great oral hygiene. When done correctly, you will enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile with pearly white teeth, healthy pink gums, and fresh breath. There are many things, which you need to do on a regular basis, for you to ensure great and hygienic conditions in your mouth. Among the main ones is scheduling a visit to your dentist at least twice every year, irrespective of whether you have a dental problem. Below are a few tips that you can use for good oral care at home.

Tips for maintaining good oral hygiene at home


Use the right brushing techniques

How you brush also plays a major role in determining how clean your mouth gets. You need to ensure that you use all the right techniques of brushing, at all times. This includes the brush movements in the mouth, the brushing force, and the areas in the mouth that should be brushed among many others. If you are unsure about any of all these, you can ask your dentist to give you a brief tutorial.

Avoid sugary foods

Foods containing processed sugars can lead to tooth decay. This happens when the sugar is processed by bacteria in the mouth, which releases acids that cause cavities or tooth decay. You can prevent the problem by simply limiting the number and amount of sugary foods that you consume. If you have to consume sugary treats, make sure that you eat them during mealtimes so that the acids get neutralized and buffered by saliva.

Use the right toothbrush

rddytghfxjtrytgjfcghBrushing your teeth is a major requirement for great oral hygiene. However, using the wrong toothbrush can make all that effort to be more harmful than beneficial. You need to choose your toothbrush carefully to ensure that it will not cause any injuries to you and will do the job effectively. Some of the things to check include the size of the toothbrush as well as the texture of the bristles. The handle should have a comfortable grip. Remember to replace your toothbrush when the bristles get soft or worn out. Dentists recommend changing it after every three months.

Avoid bad habits

Habits such as smoking tobacco products, chewing on fingernails, and consuming too much alcohol among others can have negative effects on your oral health. You should avoid all such habits. You should also take any relevant precaution to avoid injuries, such as using a mouth guard when engaging in a sporting activity.