Easy Tips to Reduce Back and Neck Pain at Work

woman with neck pain

With the kind of environment that people operate in nowadays, you can bear me witness that a significant amount of time of the day is spent in front of some screen. In many instances, you will find an individual watching television, in front of a computer working or playing a game or staring at a tablet or smartphone.

Screen time can be a little bit soring, more especially, if you have spent a considerable amount of time in front of a computer screen. This case applies to most individuals. When this happens for a prolonged period, it is likely to cause imbalances which will eventually lead the body in developing or experiencing some discomfort.

If you find yourself in such a situation, below we highlight some of the easy tips to reduce back and neck pains at work.

Have an Ergonomic Assessment

When you sit in front of a computer for prolonged periods consecutively, your neck, back, and wrist muscles are likely to become fatigued. But health experts advise that this can be minimized by ensuring that your workplace is ergonomically and adequately set. For instance, if you are using a computer, you should place your keyboard in a way that your elbows are at a 90-degree angle when you are typing. This is important as it will ensure that wrist extension is prevented. For the monitor, it is advisable that it is placed in a level that allows your head and neck to assume normal and natural positions.

Change Your Chair

Besides ensuring that you change your chair on a regular basis, it is essential to make use of lumbar support or even seat pads as they contribute immensely to lowering lower back pain. For ultimate comfort when you are working, it is advisable to work with a fixed chair, which assumes a 30-degree slope which will ensure that your knees are adequately supported. This kind of chair is the best, as it allows you to sit straight while ensuring that your spine maintains its natural position.

ergonomic office chairs

Move Regularly

If you work while sitting, it is advisable that you get up and move more often. It is desirable that every after 45 minutes, you should stand up from your working desk, and walk around. This is important, as it changes the part that feels the pressure, which goes a long way in avoiding muscle strain. To ensure that for maximum comfort, at least have a five-minute walk after every 45 minutes.


Besides regular work breaks, it is also good to talk a walk while stretching. The walking and stretching are essential, as it significantly eases the pain in the back and wrists. This is the two areas which are likely to experience pain when you work while sitting.

Always Maintain a Good Posture

When most people are working, you will realize that they tend to hunch over more especially while they are seated. But when you do this, you are putting your back and neck under pressure, and you are likely to suffer some discomfort. To avoid this, t is good that you maintain a good posture throughout the day, hence less pressure on the spine, and all will be well with you.