Symposium Focus

Get ready to be pleasantly surprised! The XII International Symposium on Environmental Geotechnology, Energy and Global Sustainable Development will be unlike any symposium you have ever attended. The goal is to develop concrete strategies through participant interaction, networking and lively discussions that advance global sustainability in the areas of environmental geotechnology and energy. We hope that by the end of the symposium, participants will not only be inspired, but also take home solid ideas on what needs to be done collectively and individually as researchers, policy makers and teachers. The symposium dynamics will facilitate fruitful exchange of ideas among participants as we work on "Unveiling the Pathways to Global Sustainability".

Event Profile

The Symposium is the twelfth in a series of ISEG conferences which started in 1993 with the continuing objective of applying technical and social science knowledge from a diversity of disciplines to address critical issues in sustainable development. Conferences that have been hosted in North America, Asia, South America, Africa and Europe have drawn an average of 300 participants from 50 countries. These conferences are held biennially and rotated among different continents.



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